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This note is about Oracle's XML (now BI) Publisher tool and how it is used in PeopleSoft.

XML/BI Publisher Information and Download

Visit the BI Publisher web site at Oracle and to find out more information about BI Publisher and to download the latest version.

To modify RTF templates (among other things), use the BI Publisher Desktop tool. This includes a Microsoft Word plug-in for developing RTF templates. You can also get the PeopleTools version (older) from:

Reporting Tools > XML Publisher > Setup > Design Helper

Including XML Publisher definitions into Application Designer

The best way I've found is to add the XMLP Data Source Defn and then the XMLP Report Defn and include the related definitions (XMLP File Defn and XMLP Template Defn).

A quick note about the File Definition - it doesn't use the file name of your template, instead it uses a unique key. How do you know which key refers to your file? Use the following query:

where TMPLDEFN_ID = '<Your Template ID>';


In order to develop XML publisher reports, make sure that you have the XMLP Report Developer role. If you don't have this role you won't be able to change the data source type from PS Query when adding a new report definition.


The report definition search page is based on the report category ID and author ID. So if you can't see any reports it may be because your operator ID is not an author ID or you do not have the appropriate author ID role.

Here's a query to check:

select * from PSXPRPTCATAUTH

Note that the delivered reports tend to use the PeopleSoft User role as the author ID. If you are configuring security stick to roles - rather than assigning security by individual users.

You can also change this through:
Reporting Tools > XML Publisher > Setup > Report Category

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