Useful Web Sites

The following is a list of web sites you might find useful

Site Description
CSS Compressor Compresses your CSS code
FixMyHTML Formats HTML into a readable format
Google Analytics Track statistics about visits to your web site
Google Web Master Tools Submit your web site and its contents to Google for indexing
HTML to PDF converter Coverts a web page to PDF
IconPot Free Icons
OpenDNS Free DNS service, speeds up web browsing and blocks unwanted sites
Portable Freeware Great site for find free portable software
Regex Tester Online regular expression test tool
Regular Expression Tool Online regular expression test tool
Shields Up Scans your Internet connection for open ports and vulnerabilities
Smashing Magazine Information about web development & design
SQLFormatter Formats and adds syntax highlighting to your SQL or PL/SQL Open Source Software Hosting. Also great for finding software!
Styleneat CSS Stylesheet organiser and formatter
W3C Schools SQL Tutorial SQL Tutorial and Summary of SQL syntax for different database platforms
XSD Schema Validator W3C XSD Schema validation service
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