This page provides information related to installing PeopleSoft. Most of it refers to other sites that already provide a great deal of useful information.

Oracle's guides for installing PeopleSoft on various DBMS platforms are available from their documentation library.

These are the basic steps I follow for installing a Windows Server OS/Microsoft SQL Server instance.

  • Build the machine / virtual machine
  • Install the operating system
  • Configure the operating system (and application software)
  • Install the DBMS
  • Install the Web Server
  • Install Tuxedo
  • Install Crystal Reports
  • Install Microfocus Cobol Compiler (if required)
  • Install PeopleTools
  • Install PeopleSoft Application (HRMS/CS, Financials, Portal etc)
  • Create the PeopleSoft Database
  • Set up the PeopleSoft Database and Connectivity
  • Populate the PeopleSoft Database with Demo data (if required)
  • Set up Configuration Manager
  • Update the Application release to match the PeopleTools release (if required)
  • Update the PeopleTools release
  • Set up the application server using psadmin
  • Set up the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA)
  • Set up t he process scheduler using psadmin
  • Configure Integration Broker
  • Install Change Assistant / Change Impact Analyzer
  • Update the PeopleSoft application with the latest patches

You can download all the PeopleSoft related software from eDelivery.

The following sites provide useful resources related to installing PeopleSoft:


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