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by: shashi kumarishashi kumari
20 Feb 2019 05:53
by: Peter Morris (guest)
04 Dec 2018 22:12
by: JBinson88 (guest)
18 Oct 2018 17:01
2 by Gary Chismar (guest)
11 Dec 2018 20:06 Jump!
I am running a process in which we are processing many employees but for any certain employee I am getting sqr 3203 file writing error. Please help me as if it is file issue i should get it for first employee itself
by: Vins (guest)
13 Oct 2018 12:27
cannot get PeopleSoft to accept the credentials I send in the SOAP header
by: dlwiiidlwiii
12 Oct 2018 23:09
Two existing user profiles need to be merged into a single user profile
by: Tracy (guest)
21 Sep 2018 15:21
2 by PSDavePSDave
26 Sep 2018 19:27 Jump!
new to using Comgen and wanted to know if I can send a PDF attachment communication using Commgen
by: Hector  GonzalezHector Gonzalez
20 Jul 2018 22:13
by: Neil (guest)
02 Feb 2018 22:29
Missing Portal Administration menu item
by: Theo (guest)
05 Jan 2018 19:20
Need help with WSDL client for .net
by: Dave (guest)
01 Nov 2017 18:49
Requirement to create New leave type-Forecasting Formula
by: Karthik (guest)
26 Oct 2017 14:24
Journal entries appear with translation lines in them even though no translation as been run
by: Thomas Duke (guest)
26 Sep 2017 15:37
by: Jasmine (guest)
14 Sep 2017 19:34
2 by Jasmine (guest)
01 Jun 2018 17:46 Jump!
Transfer Credit build
by: Jenni (guest)
25 Jul 2017 21:09
I have soup service for grades, I need to make a REST service of that existing service. Please help me with steps or share any helpful info.Appreciated THANKS
by: John (guest)
25 Jun 2017 04:23
by: Alex (guest)
08 Jun 2017 17:59
by: Gaurav (guest)
02 Jun 2017 11:23
by: Shreeya (guest)
26 Apr 2017 09:19
Hello Friends, Hope you can help or give me some direction. I am trying to use FileExist/Findfiles function in peoplecode to check existence of a file. The code below works for existence of files on local C: drive. But same function DOES NOT work for the UNIX server, IT DOES NOT FIND FILES. I have the Unix Server "axxxgparxxxx" and rest of the folder hardcoded in there... I tried FILEEXIST, and finally settling for FINDFILES as atleast it works for local drive, hopefully if I can get to work for unix file system, I can use it. Hope you can see what I could be doing wrong in the code. Thanks Sanjey
by: Sanjey PSanjey P
27 Mar 2017 14:20
We (Global security team) have some profiles that do not want local security admins to have access editing them. Let's say we have a profile call General User (PROF01), local team will create user profiles using copy user profile function. We do not want them to edit PROF01 (by accident or how), but they still need access to add roles/change password for other users. Is there a way to restrict the access for certain main profiles from the local team?
by: Cindy (guest)
06 Mar 2017 05:59
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