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SA_REQUEST_DTL.REQUEST_SEQ_NBR has FieldEdit peoplecode to prevent increment of this field > 99.
by: Dennis JohnsonDennis Johnson
26 Jan 2016 21:05
2 by PrajPraj
29 Jan 2016 01:11 Jump!
spro invoices routing to 'submitted' instead of 'submitted to suppliers' - i am facing issue in production. i.e manually created invoices through 'Manage Invoices' are routing to the supplier for approval..however the status shows as 'submitted' instead of 'submitted to suppliers' . i couldnt trace out what could be the reason. please let me know if any one had faced this.
by: prasanna (guest)
06 Jan 2016 10:03
2 by Siva (guest)
18 Jan 2016 16:11 Jump!
by: Lijun_ZhaoLijun_Zhao
21 Sep 2015 11:15
2 by Faheem (guest)
11 Jan 2016 11:44 Jump!
Error on ObjectGetProperty statement
by: Susan (guest)
28 Jul 2009 23:53
30 by Telly (guest)
08 Jan 2016 14:57 Jump!
by: Dhanaraj Rangasamy (guest)
26 Nov 2015 04:09
2 by PrajPraj
26 Nov 2015 04:32 Jump!
Hi PS experts! Currently we are on PeopleSoft 9 release and tools 851. We log-in to PeopleSoft application using SSO credentials. After logging in, from with-in peoplesoft application we have menu which take us to anther application seamlessly without entering any login credentials by passing the PSTOKEN ( in Component Pre-build peoplecode). Now after upgrading to PT854 we would have to achieve the same by passing Siteminder token intsead of PS token. Can someone explain clearly how can this be achieved?? Thanks in advance for your help!
by: Murali (guest)
12 Nov 2015 07:21
by: Linda (guest)
29 Oct 2015 19:45
2 by Bob (guest)
29 Oct 2015 19:56 Jump!
by: jia khalid (guest)
01 Nov 2012 08:42
2 by Ali (guest)
29 Oct 2015 07:24 Jump!
I need to retrieve the message text and the explain text from the Message Catalog. This is an error message and I need to bind variables to the explain text.
by: DFhealthDFhealth
21 Oct 2015 12:39
Hello All :) I have to set-up Absence in GP and need to use the ALL DAY IND .. I found the BGN DAY IND HLF and END but witch system element is the ALL DAY IND ? Thank you for your help Best regards Eric
by: Eric T (guest)
03 Sep 2015 17:04
Commitment Control in PeopleSoft 9.2-Optional Chartfield
by: LT001 (guest)
21 Aug 2015 13:05
I need to access level 2 field but CurrentRowNumber doesn't work
by: boon_kentboon_kent
10 May 2015 04:51
3 by Bob (guest)
18 Aug 2015 20:25 Jump!
page with search record PERALL_SEC_SRCH no longer direct to new empty training page
by: sera404 (guest)
07 Jul 2015 03:37
When running a BI Publisher and selecting XLS format, the Excel file created has multiple sheets. Every page break on the report generate a new sheet in the same workbook. Is there a way to create just one Excel sheet?
by: PeopleSoft Guest (guest)
16 Jun 2014 18:31
4 by Abhinav (guest)
06 Jul 2015 12:25 Jump!
Copies Rows from Standalone Record to Level3 Grid
by: ahmed Iftikharahmed Iftikhar
26 Jun 2015 07:02
Condiciones para ejectuar un Motor de aplicacion que permita generar un archivo excel
by: Mayra (guest)
23 Jun 2015 22:04
PeopleSoft Interface - Employee data from HR to Concur
by: Psoft_Jr (guest)
17 May 2015 12:19
by: bellbellbellbell
29 Apr 2015 01:48
I have been working in the module of Bank Reconciliation
by: jcmayjcmay
17 Apr 2015 17:01
We are planning to upgrade our OS from AIX 5.2 to 5.3.
by: Thaddy Boniquit (guest)
20 Apr 2009 17:34
4 by Bob (guest)
16 Apr 2015 23:06 Jump!
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