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by: Steve (guest)
11 Feb 2009 20:17
40 by (guest)
06 Apr 2017 18:11 Jump!
Hello Friends, Hope you can help or give me some direction. I am trying to use FileExist/Findfiles function in peoplecode to check existence of a file. The code below works for existence of files on local C: drive. But same function DOES NOT work for the UNIX server, IT DOES NOT FIND FILES. I have the Unix Server "axxxgparxxxx" and rest of the folder hardcoded in there... I tried FILEEXIST, and finally settling for FINDFILES as atleast it works for local drive, hopefully if I can get to work for unix file system, I can use it. Hope you can see what I could be doing wrong in the code. Thanks Sanjey
by: Sanjey PSanjey P
27 Mar 2017 14:20
We (Global security team) have some profiles that do not want local security admins to have access editing them. Let's say we have a profile call General User (PROF01), local team will create user profiles using copy user profile function. We do not want them to edit PROF01 (by accident or how), but they still need access to add roles/change password for other users. Is there a way to restrict the access for certain main profiles from the local team?
by: Cindy (guest)
06 Mar 2017 05:59
Force resource intense process to run single-file
by: dhayungadhayunga
14 Jan 2011 20:11
3 by Sagar (guest)
24 Feb 2017 14:11 Jump!
by: AOlson (guest)
07 Oct 2009 17:13
138 by NsainiNsaini
25 Jan 2017 13:18 Jump!
This post is about writing and manipulating data to a flat file using File Layout PeopleCode. I have found numerous simple examples of writing a record from a PS table to a File Layout. But what if you want to manipulate the data fields before writing out the line? How can that be accomplished?
by: seidenscseidensc
30 Apr 2013 21:27
5 by Sri (guest)
24 Oct 2016 13:55 Jump!
Trying to get a count of unique households having made a donation during a defined period
by: Melody (guest)
15 Sep 2016 19:58
Oracle DBA as PeopleSoft APP DBA
by: Shekhar (guest)
18 Aug 2016 14:35
2 by PrajPraj
19 Aug 2016 20:08 Jump!
when executing an SQR using the process scheduler, process initiates then errors and receive the following message (SQR 1803) CONNECT failed. Perhaps username/password incorrect. SQR for PeopleSoft: Program Aborting.
by: david ambrose (guest)
08 Oct 2014 11:10
14 by Vonita (guest)
25 Jul 2016 15:07 Jump!
in the arupdate log I get the following message "Customers in use found"
24 Mar 2011 20:56
4 by Raja (guest)
27 Jun 2016 11:13 Jump!
by: Samer Tawfiq (guest)
30 May 2016 11:48
2 by K. Longman (guest)
24 Jun 2016 18:26 Jump!
by: Raj (guest)
21 May 2009 07:30
4 by D.M.S, (guest)
14 Jun 2016 15:38 Jump!
I am working on Ps 9.1/8.51 tools. I have to update a field value to the 3rd party system. I have consumed the wsdl(provided by 3rd party) into PS using Consume Web Service. I have written a field change event peoplecode to populate the values. It is generating the xml file also was able to open it in the browser. But its throwing the following error.
by: iampsoftfaniampsoftfan
06 Aug 2012 15:12
5 by Facundo (guest)
08 Jun 2016 17:55 Jump!
by: johan basson (guest)
02 Feb 2011 17:09
9 by Eswar (guest)
29 Apr 2016 06:18 Jump!
Cannot perform a creation of a new Location record nor update an existing one (in the latter case, no error is thrown, the record remains without changes)
by: TheReporter (guest)
16 Mar 2016 14:48
Schema not present in WSDL
by: deedeesdeedees
03 May 2012 19:16
6 by Margaret (guest)
16 Feb 2016 20:41 Jump!
by: Sai (guest)
12 Feb 2016 07:22
Remote Call in Error in function of commit after step
10 Feb 2016 20:52
2 by Bob (guest)
12 Feb 2016 04:08 Jump!
Need a script To find the top 50 Institutions that we are sending Transcripts to
by: Andrew (guest)
09 Feb 2016 17:40
SA_REQUEST_DTL.REQUEST_SEQ_NBR has FieldEdit peoplecode to prevent increment of this field > 99.
by: Dennis JohnsonDennis Johnson
26 Jan 2016 21:05
2 by PrajPraj
29 Jan 2016 01:11 Jump!
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